How To Tame A Fox In Minecraft Step by Step Guide

A fox is a little, impartial monster that inhabits the taiga and snowy taiga biomes of Minecraft. In this guide, we will take you through the steps on how to tame a fox in Minecraft, from finding one to feeding it and making it your loyal companion.

You will like taming a fox in Minecraft if you want an engaging and enjoyable experience. It’s a fun and unique experience for players who want to add a mischievous companion to their adventures. To tame a fox, you’ll need to read this post till the end.

Where To Find A Fox In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, foxes are very intelligent creatures. They can be found in many different biomes, but mostly they are found in taiga biomes. In the taiga biomes, foxes are more likely to be found at night than during the day. Foxes are most often found in snow and taiga biomes during the winter time.

Utilising delicious berries is another way to find a fox. Sweet berries draw the attention of foxes, who frequently congregate around them. Taiga biomes contain sweet berry plants that can be harvested to obtain sweet berries, which are dispersed all around the biome.

Requirement to tame a Fox in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you’ll need the following things to tame a fox:

Sweet Berries: You can tame foxes in Minecraft using sweet berries. In taiga biomes, sweet berries can be found on sweet berry plants. Each time the bushes are harvested, 1-2 delicious berries are produced.

Patience: They are cautious animals that require patience to catch. Once you have gained their trust, you will be able to gradually start catching them by providing them with delicious food.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to tame a Fox in Minecraft

In this easy-to-follow tutorial, you’ll discover a step-by-step method on how to tame a fox in Minecraft. It’s a simple yet effective way to make a tame fox do your bidding! It covers all of the basics as well as some advanced techniques.

Find Two Foxes



You must first locate two foxes if you wish to tame them in Minecraft. White foxes often inhabit the Snowy Taiga Biome, while red foxes typically inhabit the Taiga Biome. It’s critical to find two wild foxes in order to start the taming process. Once you’ve found two foxes, you can begin the taming process by approaching them slowly and offering them berries.


Feed The Foxes

2 Foxes

Once you have found a suitable fox, you can click on it to feed it the berries. To feed it the berries, you will need to put the berries in your hand and then right-click on the fox. The berries in your palm will be eaten by the fox. Before the fox trusts you, you will need to feed it a number of berries. To do this, feed both foxes sweet berries until red hearts appear above their heads.

Wait for the Fox to Trust You


The fox will begin to trust you once you have been providing it with some tasty berries. The fox will have heart-shaped particles surrounding its head, which will let you know that it trusts you. It’s vital to have patience at this phase because it can take the fox a while to warm up to you and allow you to approach.

After few second, The hearts will disappear, and a baby fox will appear near the original fox. It may initially be wild, but it can be tamed by feeding it sweet berries and going through the taming process just like you did with the adult foxes.

Now Tame the Baby Fox


In Minecraft, breeding adult foxes will result in a baby fox, which will eventually mature into an adult. When the newborn fox first appears, feeding it delicious berries will hasten its growth.

To lead the baby fox, just start walking away from its current position. If the baby fox chooses to follow you, that’s great, but you can also try to lure it with a little bread crumb trail to give you a little more time to escape. However, keep in mind that baby foxes can sometimes be a bit independent and may not always follow you directly.

The best way to get a baby fox to follow you around is to craft a lead. To do this, craft a lead and right-click on the baby fox while holding it. This will attach the lead to the baby fox, allowing you to physically guide it wherever you go. The lead will connect the fox to your character, and you can then move freely, with the fox in tow.

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