How To Tame A Cat In Minecraft Creative Mode?

This post describes how to tame a cat in Minecraft Creative mode. You will need a tamed cat and a house to tame it in. We teach you how to tame a cat in Minecraft creative mode, so you can make it a pet for your game. So read this article till end follow steps to Tame a Cat in your Minecraft world.

In Minecraft, there are many animals. They range from chickens, horses, sheep, pigs, cows, sheep, dogs, birds, bears, and rabbits. One of the most interesting animals to interact with is a cat. Taming a cat is fun and easy.

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What are the Types of Cats in Minecraft?

You won’t believe what type of cats you can find in Minecraft. There are lots of different types of cats in Minecraft. Let’s have a look at what you can find.

  • Siamese
  • Jellie
  • Tabby
  • British Shorthair
  • White
  • Black
  • Ragdoll
  • Persian
  • Calico
  • Red

Items Required To Tame A Cat

Taming a cat in Minecraft is a fun challenge, but the materials required to get the job done aren’t always available when you want them. what kind of materials do you need? In this list, you’ll find everything you need to know about taming a cat in Minecraft.

  • 1 Raw Cod/1 Raw Salmon – there is a 33% chance to gain an cat trust, so bring a few.
  • Any cat

Where to Find Cats in Minecraft?

You will find cats in villages that come your way. If you are having trouble finding cats in your village. So first you need to build a cat house. Once you have built a cat house, you will be able to attract more cats to your area. A cat house must be placed in an open, unoccupied space that has dirt nearby.

When you find a cat in your village. So grab him. But, you must be careful when you approach a cat. If you make a noise, the cat will run away. Also, cats have been known to attack people. If you are not careful, you might get scratched. The first thing to do is to approach the cat and talk softly to it. Try to gently stroke it, so the cat will become friendly with you.

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft?

You can tame a cat just like you tame a Ocelot. First, you need to provide him with food. To tame a cat, you’ll need to provide food for it. It will be nice if you find out what kind of food. For this it will be convenient that you have some raw cod, since they love them.

Cats hate sudden movements. A fast movement can startle them and cause them to run away. If you are going to Tame a Cat, you should move slowly. You don’t want to scare the cat. Don’t be afraid if the cat scratches you. You can still tame it. You can follow these steps to Tame a Cat.

  • First of all, Obtain a fishing rod, after that locate a body of water and start fishing.

How to Tame a Cate Full Guide

  • After fishing the fish, collect 1 Raw Salmon.
  • Now Locate a cat, that you like to tame.


How To Tame A Cat In Minecraft

  • After finding a cat, give him raw fish, raw cod or raw salmon.

How to Tame a Cat

  • Keep feeding the cat fish until you see red hearts appear.

How to Tame a Cat

  • After you can see red hearts now stop the feeding. Because the cat is now tame.

How To Tame A Cat In Minecraft?

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