How to Beat The Dark Ages Champion Challenge in Clash of Clans

If you are a gaming freak then, you’ll not be unaware of this amazing game known as the Clash of Clans. The game is quite famous among all the generations and is being played all around the world. So, this game has an epic gameplay strategy that makes it more interesting. In this article, we will talk about ways to beat the dark ages champion challenge in Clash of Clans and win awesome rewards. Thus, it’s a challenge to complete the three starts and earn unlimited prizes.

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Dark Ages Champion Challange in COC

Additionally, this challenge is live for a limited time and after May 15th the offer will not be available anymore. Hence, don’t delay further and if you’re finding it impossible to beat the dark ages then, you’ve got our back. This article will bring great facilities and information for you to win without hassle. Furthermore, you will get to discover the exciting prizes that you earn after winning the challenge. Now it’s time to gear up and start the game.

Hurry up now and read this complete guide to win the bombastic challenge.

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Dark Ages Champion Challenge in COC

A Complete Guide to Beat Dark Ages Champion Challenge 

  • To begin, place the Flame Flinger in the upper right corner, where the Scattershot may be easily destroyed.
  • Archer Tower is towards the very top of the base so, cast all Earthquake spells on it at once.
  • Now send in Hog Riders to wipe out that Scattershot up there
  • Place the Grand Warden in a solitary cell
  • So, now that both Archer Towers have been destroyed, you should position your Pekka near the shattered walls
  • Toss all Bowlers, Super Bowlers and the Witch near the cannon on the right side
  • Drop two Headhunters in the same corner a few seconds later and use the Grand Wardens ability
  • Use the cannon on the left side of the screen to fire Super Wall Breakers and then use it to fire the Royal Champion
  • To reinforce your forces, you need to drop the last Headhunter

So, these were the simple steps that can be applied to beat the dark ages champion challenge in COC. You’ll never find it difficult once you read this guide thoroughly and obviously at first you may find it complex to understand. Thus, start your challenge now and follow the above-mentioned simple steps to win remarkably.

Complete Guide to Beat Dark Ages Champion Challenge 

Epic Rewards of Winning Dark Ages Champion Challenge in COC

You will be amazed to know that there are unlimited rewards for completing this exciting challenge. So, some of them include Gems (x25), Exp (x400) and a Builder Potion (x1). In addition to this, you can also get Gold (x500,000), Elixir (x500,000) and Dark Elixir (x5,000). Also, you should remember that these are the few rewards mentioned here and other than that you can win some credits, skins and other tools, etc. So, don’t back off from the challenge and face the hurdles that come across your way to be a pro at each level.

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