Best Settings for Apex Legends – How to Get the Best Performance?

When it comes to gaming then, most game lovers update themselves on several code settings, guides and features. So, without distracting our audience let’s come to the main point. In this article, I will let you know about the best setting and options guide in apex legends to help you win.

There are multiple codes, advanced settings and other features available that can bring you to the top without much effort. Thus, if you are an apex legend lover then, you have to read this post thoroughly. There will be new and amazing revelations here. Hence, without much delay let’s get into the specifics.

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What should you know about the Apex Legends game?

If you are new to apex legends which could be rare then, you should know that it is one of the best battle royale games in the world. There are millions of gamers playing this game and appreciating the epic gaming strategy. So, the game revolves around a parallel universe where players fight for survival.

There comes a lot of beats, hurdles, and enemies that never let you win but with the right tricks and tips the user can take over the game. Moreover, the players can change their characters and as it’s an action game there comes a wide range of weapons, guns, and shields along with many other fighting tools.

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Complete Settings and Options Guide For Apex Legends

Best Setting and Option for Apex Legends

Best Setting for Apex Legends

Best Setting for Apex Legends-1

Best Setting Option for Apex Legends


Display Mode

  • Choose “Full Screen” here and you’ll get the most frames per second this way.

Aspect Ratio

  • Set this to the aspect ratio that your monitor was made for.


  • Set this to the same screen as your computer.

Field of View

  • This depends on how you like to see things. Some people like how a narrower FOV makes them feel more focused.

Sprint View Shake

  • If your screen shakes when your character runs, it might look more realistic, but it can make it hard to see what’s in front of you. Thus, set it to the minimal and in any multiplayer game you should try to lessen screen shake as much as possible.


  • Turn this off and if you turn off V-Sync, your frame rate won’t be limited, but leaving it on can cause touch lag.

Adaptive Resolution FPS

  • To turn it off, set this to 0 and when this setting is turned on, the game’s resolution will be lowered. So, that you can reach your desired FPS goal and this can make the game look strange and make fights harder to follow. Thus, it is suggested to turn this off.

Adaptive Supersampling

  • You don’t have to worry about this setting, as it will be turned off by default if you use the settings we suggest.


  • Don’t do this and this setting will make objects pledges in the gameworld look sharper. But turning it off won’t make the game look that bad and will save you some speed.

Texture Streaming 

  • This is the same thing that other games call “texture quality.” So, we don’t suggest setting this too high. But if you have a good PC then, you can play around with it a bit and leave it at Medium for a good balance of looks plus performance.

Texture Filtering

  • Again, this will rely on how fast your computer is. Thus, we suggest Anisotropic 2X keeps a good mix between how a game looks and how well it runs.

Quality of Ambient Occlusion

  • This setting is just for looks and it’s also one of the worst for speed. So, we think you should turn this off completely.

Sun Shadow Coverage

  • There’s more to look at and if you want to be competitive, you shouldn’t care about how realistic or pretty the lighting effects look if they don’t help your game. So, set this too low.

Spot Shadow Detail

  • Turn this off because it has nothing to do with competition.

Volumetric lighting

  • It is just one more option that makes the game look better. So, disable it.

Turn off Dynamic Spot Shadows

  • As with all the other shadow settings, this one doesn’t give you any edge when playing against other people.

Model Detail

  • So, here we suggest setting this too low because it does affect performance. But you can set it to medium or high if you have frames to spare because it won’t kill your frames per second.


  • Leave this setting at low and having it higher doesn’t help you tell what weapons or champions are being used. Thus, there’s no reason to have it higher.

Impact Marks

  • The effect and the details about these bullet holes don’t help you in any way. Therefore, leave this at a low to still see the impact marks while affecting your performance as little as possible.


  • This has nothing to do with the play. So, it can be funny to see a dead person lying at an odd angle, but this doesn’t help you win games.

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