Best Armored Car in GTA 5 Online (2023 Strongest Car)

Are you a professional gaming freak who loves to play action or racing games? If it is so then, you have come to the right place. Since time has changed and the gaming world as well. So, if you are a 90’s kid then, you must be aware of the GTA game. Now its many updated versions have launched and even the new generation is having fun playing this epic gameplay.

Thus, for all GTA lovers, we are going to talk about the Best-armored Car in GTA 5 online gameplay. Here we will discuss the features, prices and further details about the game. Hence, without wasting much time let’s dive into the details.

Best Armored Car in GTA 5 Online (Strongest Car)

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What should you know about GTA 5 online gameplay?

Grand Theft Auto is epic gameplay with the best strategy ruling over the gaming industry for several years. This game is all about roaming around Los Santos City with some amazing cars plus tools to fight and discover the map to reach the final destination.

So, here you just have to follow the instructions and fight with the intruders coming your way. Here you will get a wide range of vehicles and fighting weapons to beat the opponents. Thus, download the game or play online with your friends to have endless fun experiences.

Which is the best-armored car in the GTA 5 Online game?

Well, if we are going to have a conversation over the best-armored car in GTA then, it’s going to be great fun. So, let’s start with the fun fact that GTA keeps on updating the car collection and for that reason, you never get bored of playing the game.

Phantom Custom Car in GTA 5

Now coming towards the best vehicle then, I couldn’t resist naming Phantom Custom which is a semi-truck kind of vehicle and has the best outlook. Thus, there are many appealing qualities that this car has and space as well. It would be of no surprise to mention the premium price of this car which is 1.3 million dollars in real.

So, there is a space of about five people here but it’s a well-sorted car for distant traveling and especially towards the hilly areas. Furthermore, it is quite non-destructible and it would take about 60 heavy explosive attacks to take this down. You will be amazed to know that it can endure multiple cannon attacks and other lethal shots like RPGs, Flak shots, etc.

Thus, if we discuss its functionality and comfort then, it’s quite easy to have. This massive truck can easily smash cars, fight well without losing control and has the best style. Moreover, if you completely armored your Phantom Custom truck then, you will be indestructible.


What are some other quality cars in GTA other than Phantom?

So, if you ask me then, I would say Hauler Custom is another premium vehicle to support your GTA journey. It’s quite similar to the Phantom truck and you will need a bunker to store this car.

How to get a Phantom truck in GTA?

You can get the armored Phantom custom truck from the Warstock Cache and own it for worth 1.3 million dollars. So, it should be stored in the bunker and also customized there.

Final Thoughts

All in all, there are many excellent quality armored trucks available in the GTA game but Jobuilt Phantom Custom is on the next level. So, it would be really hard to pick one because all the other vehicles like benefactor terror byte, HVY Insurgent, HVY Nightshark, etc are amazing. 

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