Top 5 Video Gaming Trends in 2023 That Every Gamer Should Know

When the term “Game” comes to your mind then, the only thing that is stuck in everyone’s head is the “waste of time”. But this was the old school of thought because now everyone knows the importance of gaming. So, unlike previous times now gaming is much more than just playing around as a hobby.

These days, gaming is about entertainment, excitement, earning, adventure, and much more. Therefore, with time the perspective of people is changing and diversity in gameplay is increasing. You can now play games to learn, earn or just entertain yourself.

Thus, 3D gaming now becomes the biggest source of earning for most professional gamers. The quizzes, puzzles, NFT, blockchains transaction and much more everything revolves around gaming. Therefore, here are the top 5 video gaming trends that every gamer should know because with them you can level up yourself and rank at the top.

Now without anticipating much let’s track down the details and further know about these trends that help you be the best gamer.

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5 Video Gaming Trends That Every Gamer Should Know

Top 5 Video Gaming Trends

Here is the list of top gaming trends. If you are a gamer that you should know.

  • Cloud Gaming
  • Esports
  • Virtual Reality
  • Metaverse
  • Blockchains and NFTs

Cloud Gaming

In the early times when games were started playing in the 1970s the computer or CPUs played the supporting role. Thus, as time passed by they kept changing the console. But guess what, the biggest paradigm shift happened after the cloud-based gaming strategies arrived. Hence, professional gamers have now started taking subscriptions to Microsoft, Firewall, Amazon and other digital platforms unlike keeping them in large hardware.

So, now it has become quite simple, convenient and smart to get a subscription and be up to date without getting knocked off from the package. In addition, the best part is that these digital or cloud-based platforms offer the fastest gaming speed and help you be a pro in no time plus earn unlimited coins.


Things are turning around and the digital universe has been launched since the covid-19 hit badly. So, through that time there was a large online audience roaming around to grab some worthy stuff to play and watch. The importance of mentioning this statement is because at that time esports hit their first 1 billion dollar revenue for the first time.

Now let’s talk about what this esports platform is and so, for your knowledge this is a kind of live gaming show. Yes, it supports live games, leagues, professional sports, tournaments, and much more. Additionally, it is the best gaming platform to play and watch at the same time. Thus, till now it has done coverage for thousands of leagues, tournaments, and some other matches.

Virtual Reality

Here comes my favorite gaming trend of all and that’s something that makes me play in real-time. It’s a kind of metaverse type thing but both have technical differences. So, coming to the point, virtual reality games include GTA vice city, Minecraft, Mario, Mobile Legends, and many more games like these.

Additionally, the game also includes racing car games, quizzes, and some educational games that can be used as a learning tool. Apple is on its way to launching its own VR soon and this trend is famous among many other professionals.


In the recent time, there was a huge hype that was created for the metaverse. Some said it’s a kind of trap, some said it’s great technology and some just didn’t leave any comment. So, the metaverse has changed this world in some way and in the coming time it’s going to do much more just like AI is spreading around.

Since many gamers and developers have launched their metaverse gameplays but few offer the best real-time gameplay strategy that fulfills the meaning of the metaverse.

Blockchains and NFTs

Nowadays no one is unfamiliar with these two words which are Blockchains and NFTs. The quickest way to earn money. A few years back, no one knew about these blockchains and NFTs were launched recently. Thus, few geniuses acknowledge its power and now they are millionaires.

So, these blockchains and NFTs are now being used in games to earn points like Bitcoin, Ethereum, dogecoins and more. There is no doubt that it’s still very new for some gamers but many of them are adapting it in a good way.

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