5 Best PS5 Indie Games That You Need To Play in 2023

If you are a game lover and have PS5 then, you need to read this post. So, in this section, I am going to unveil the Top 5 PS5 Indie Games that you need to play. Guys, life is short and we should experience every advantage that it throws on us.

Thus, talking in the same scenario it is important to know the perks of having a PS5 and having the ultimate passion for games. There are a huge number of premium games that you can play on PS5 but here we will discuss the best ones. Hence, let’s get started without any further arguments.

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List of Top 5 PS5 Indie Games

5 Best PS5 Indie Games That You Need To Play

  1. Stray
  2. Disco Elysium
  3. Inscription
  4. Haven
  5. Kena – Bridge of Spirits


So, stray is the first and the most exciting gameplay that I am going to discuss. It’s my personal most favorite game and these days I am hooked on it. Hands down this gaming strategy and concept keeps the audience amazed with the excellent graphics. Thus, talking about the game it revolves around the cat.

Yes, in this game you will play the cat character which is stuck in some parallel universe of robots and fatal bacteria. Hence, the gameplay roams around the cat that has to leave the lethal city by fighting with robots and bacteria with courage. There will come many hurdles on the way but the real win is to overcome them all.

Disco Elysium

It is an award-winning game and has won the hearts of millions of game players. So, it’s detective or spy gameplay and the characters come along with various skills. The best thing about the game is that you can use your power for the good.

Thus, being a detective you can catch the corrupt ones in the city, fight for justice, resolve crimes and much more. You play the role of a genius who knows how to use power and intellect for well-being. Moreover, you will love fighting with opponents and discovering the whole city.


Here comes challenging gameplay with a twist at each end. This is a card-based gameplay and it’s kind of a horror game. So, wherever you go ahead in the game you have to face your opponent hidden behind the cards. It’s kind of a puzzle to resolve and there are additional rewards plus points for winning some special card. Thus, it’s kind of an unpredictable game and every player has a unique mystery to resolve. Hence, when you step ahead in the game the story unfolds slowly and you get closer to the ultimate win.


It’s an RPG and revolves around two friends who travel to a new planet. So, both of them survive on the new planet and fight with the environment. The gameplay is unique and the characters fight, cook, craft and build here to survive. It’s quite interesting to control their character and explore the unknown place.

Kena – Bridge of Spirits

The Kena – bridge of Spirits left everyone amazed by the top consoles, anime and aesthetics. The game has come along with the theme of death but in a positive manner. So, the spirits in this game claimed their powers and removed the curse from the village with the help of each other. Thus, the storyline is simple yet appealing. You can change the dress code, style, skin and several other aesthetics in the game for others and for your character as well.

Final Words

On the whole, these were the top 5 indie games that you can play on your PS5 and have a good time playing with full zeal. Since the best options are here, now choose the one you like the most and have a lot of fun.

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